How To: Use geolocation to get a user's location and weather from IP address

For those of you wondering how weather detection works (had it on the old site), it works through using a geolocation API to look up your IP address and map it against a database of IP locations, which then queries the Yahoo! Weather API. This can be handy for changing your site’s background to match the weather or the local time of the user. Updated 15/05/2012 - Changes to Yahoo! APIs fixed in newest version below....

April 3, 2011 · Myles Gray

Thermite FTW!

My friend and I bought 7Kg of thermite (5kg Fe2O3 + 2kg Al) to have some fun with… This is what we came up with: Thermite - 1Kg - Plastic Bottle Thermite - 1Kg - Cardboard Tube Thermite - 4Kg Why not follow @mylesagray on Twitter ↗ for more like this!

March 30, 2011 · Myles Gray

BenchTec Toolbox

A system optimizer primarily for stripped overclocking the Windows XP operating system, built in Visual Studio 2010 for Benchtec UK by Adrian (ARandomOWl) and I. Download Benchtec Toolbox V1.5.1 Softpedia ↗ Verified! Updates V1.5.1 Added - Checkbox to change ALL other processes to low priority Added - Ability to set custom CDT file size Changed - Link on BTUK Logo To-Do - Add HWBot submission API (to submit results from desktop) To-Do - Add ability to change LOD for GTX4xx Series & V2xx....

March 19, 2011 · Myles Gray