Who is Myles? Good Question

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A passionate technologist with a natural, curious, urge to always learn “the new thing” and teach people about it. A strong public speaker with a natural, genuine and relatable feel when talking and giving seminars in front of large groups - formally and informally. Teamwork is a core tenet of how I approach my work, I live by the “hit by a bus” mentality, everything is out in the open and documented for others to replicate.

My background includes considerable experience researching, designing, building, operating and supporting enterprise IT infrastructure and solutions, from both the end customer and service provider sides.

I have grown between roles from end-user engineer implementing other’s designs, to architecting scalable solutions for multi-tenant private clouds, through working at vendors on the products I have used personally through my engineering journey.

This background allows me to provide valuable, realistic feedback to product and engineering teams on what customers want, while building collateral and giving talks on how new features can benefit users in the positions I found myself in, in the past.



For an overview of the content I’ve created at VMware, check out my works page.

My role at VMware was consistent – but my focus areas changed over time as my interests developed.

Technical Marketing/Dev Advocacy focuses on evangelising product or technologies publicly, building collateral (Git repos, webinars, seminars, demos, presentation decks, YouTube videos, podcasts, etc), training teams internally, engaging with customers on pre-sales calls in addition to at conferences or 1-1 on social media, providing feedback to product management and engineering on how features are received alongside customer asks or wishes. A large portion of my time is spent in research and trying out new technologies with an aim to figure out how they tie in with the products I look after.

Staff Technical Marketing Architect (01/2022 - Present)

Covering Tanzu Application Platform – a developer-focused self-hosted PaaS taking devs from source code to URL. Also responsible for Cloud Native Runtimes (Knative).

Staff Technical Marketing Architect (09/2020 - 01/2022)

Covering vSphere with Tanzu (K8s-aaS on prem), the DevOps/SRE perspective and “art of the possible” with K8s, CI/CD, GitOps and ML.

Senior Technical Marketing Architect (08/2017 - 09/2020)

Covering vSAN on Stretched Clusters, complex networks and the VMware Cloud Native Storage (CSI) driver for Kubernetes and our experimental storage for Docker initiative.

Novosco (now Telefonica IT)

Cloud Technologist (10/2016 - 08/2017)

R&D for public cloud based service design, customer pre-sales engagements, educational sales oriented webinars for customers and consulting on VMware and networking infrastructures for large MSP customers.

Hosted Platforms Engineer (08/2014 - 10/2016)

Worked in the Hosted Platforms division, a small team where we stood up, operationalised and handed over dedicated infrastructures and cloud platforms for our MSP customers.

Scripting, automation through PowerShell and PowerCLI, AWS lambda and public cloud services all part of the gig.

Work daily with EMC SANs, Cisco IOS and Nexus switching, blade chassis and whole VMware SDDC suite (NSX, vCloud Director, ESXi, vCenter, vSAN) as well as partner solutions (Zerto, Veeam, et al.)

Responsible for Novosco “STC” (Single Tenant Cloud) - A new scale-out bare metal IaaS platform based on vSAN - design, implementation, operational handovers and financial modelling under my remit. More info here.

Exitex Ltd

Systems and Network Administrator (05/2012 - 08/2014)

Responsible for mission critical networking and virtualisation infrastructure redesign, backup/redundancy system design.

Expansion solutions implemented including microwave links for remote premises, site-to-site VPNs and a move from single subnet/VLAN per-site to fully routed core/edge network.

Blah, Cloud

Blogging (2012 - Present)

I write articles on challenges I face, solutions I find and interesting design/implementation problems I come across on my personal site. More recently, on personal projects as well.



Graduated on a 2-1 with Honours BSc, Business I.T.

Awarded best final year project in Technology and Business field by PwC.

Higher Ed


  • Physics - A
  • Technology and Design (Systems and Control) - A
  • Maths - B



  • VCIX6-NV
  • VCP6-NV
  • VCP6-DCV
  • VCP5-DCV


  • CCNA - R&S
  • CCENT - R&S


  • VMware vExpert 2016-2019
  • VMware vExpert vSAN
  • VMware vExpert NSX
  • Veeam Vanguard

Hobbies & Interests

Read more about my hobbies and interests here.


My bio page covers background and how I got into IT.


Available upon request.