I am very passionate about my photography, usually I’ll go on a few trips a year just for that and this was one of those instances. I’ve decided I might as well start posting them up here so I have a nice centralised location I can give to people that want to see them.

We visited quite a number of places, most prolific in my mind was DUGA-3 which is hands down the single largest free standing structure I’ve ever climbed at 160m, It’s very hard to get the scale of it in any of the pictures, but just know, the ladders were very rusty and large sections were missing as you climbed up, got to the top though, much to the dismay of our guide Igor, who, according to himself only ever went halfway up and that was more than enough!

SoloEast ↗ did an amazing job and i’ll definitely be back!

Anyway, without further-adoo, here was my two days inside the Chernobyl nuclear exclusion zone (in photos):

Gas masks inside Pripyat school

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